PRVegas Recommends Cancelling Infinity Insurance

In All Posts on July 30, 2008 at 11:11 pm

Ken Summerville was involved in a car accident and the insurer that hit him was insured by Infinity Insurance, 1621 E Sunset Road in Las Vegas.   The adjuster that is handling the accident claim is Monique Marestein.  She has been very nonreponsive in her follow-through. recommends that you if you are in an accident with someone insured by Infinity that you contact an attorney such as Glenn Lerner or Ed Bernstein as you can expect problems with this insurance company.  If you have Infinity as your insurance company you may want to discuss this with your agent. 

When in an accident you need an insurance company that is responsive to the needs to all persons involved.

Facts of the above can be verified with Monique Marestein at 702-789-3932

  1. I cancelled with them as I had a neighbor that had a problem with them as well when they totalled the car and had to sue. We cancelled with them in July and went to Autoclub. Its the old saying “You get what you pay for”

    Infinity Insurance Sucks

  2. Done !!!!
    never liked them anyway and if there coverage is that bad I dont want them, I went to AAA by by Infinity, the internet allows us to spread the word.
    Ken I hope you get to felling better


  3. I was actually employed with Infinity Insuranace for 7 1/2 years and was a Sr. Adjuster. In my many years with Infinity, I saw much turnover and lazy employees. I was one of the few who took pride in my work. It is not so much Infinity not paying claims but amount of Insurance that individuals are purchasing.
    After 7 1/2 years, Infinity just laid off 100 employees nationwide, 60 of those from Southern California. They stated because of a poor ecomony and gas prices. As we discovered the next day, our positions were actually eliminated so a portion of the claims can be telephoned handled from Texas. Not a problem, except for the fact that they are hiring Mexican nationals to cross the border and work for the day.
    They have decided they are not making enough money and have taken jobs away from Americans so they can pay Mexican nationals minimum wage.


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